Fruit Machines

The majority of fruit machines offered at conventional and online casinos are alike in terms of their look. Though modern online fruit slots often feature high-class graphics, new bonus games, special symbols and cool animations, they look similar to old-gen machines installed in brick and mortar casinos years ago. A traditional fruit machine features three reels and one pay line. However, in new-gen online machines the number of reels have been increased to five and the number of pay lines – to three. The gaming experience is enhanced with new, creatively different themes and picturesque non-standard symbols.

How has the Term “Fruit Machines” Appeared?

The term “fruit machines” is believed to be originated in the United Kingdom. It emerged in the period when all types of gambling were forbidden by the law. The only gambling-like activity permitted was a game, where one could win real items, such as fruit or candies, but not money. When, finally, the first real-money machines appeared, players called them “fruit machines”. Today the term is used to describe online emulators of gambling machines. Every spin of a virtual reel results in various combinations of fruit images – lemons, bananas, melons, cherries and so on.

Fruit Machines Online – Gambling Rules

A typical slot machine of this type features three reels with five pay lines. You can bet a sum from 1 cent to $1 for every pay line. The gaming process itself is quite simple, but a player needs to know what buttons are used for setting up the needed parameters or performing certain tasks.

  • Before you start spinning the reel, choose the number of life and determine your bet for a line. There will be a lot of various combinations of pictures and symbols, but only some of them will bring you a prize. All the “lucky” combinations can be found in a special table.
  • Right on the main screen of a slot you will see several function buttons that are necessary for making settings and playing. Usually these are such buttons as “Rotate” (“Spin”), “Add a Line”, “Rate +/-”, “Max. Rate” and “Autoplay”.
  • At the upper part of a slot you will see a prize list, which contains information of your wins and losses. The data is updated after every spin of the reel.

Winning on Fruit Slots Online: Bonuses and Special Symbols

Like in any slot machine, different combinations on the screen of an online fruit machine bring different results. The maximum win is provided with the combination of 777 (3 sevens in a line). It multiplies your initial rate by 500. Unlike some newer, more advanced video slots, fruit machines do not feature the Wild Symbol. A free bonus game is not provided too. The only special symbol available is Scatter, which increases a player’s chances for winning and makes the game unpredictable, heating up your excitement.

Are there Any Special Winning Strategies?

As you know, it is virtually impossible to assess the odds in a game adequately. Online free slots are a kind of matter where nothing depends on you. The only things you can rely on are your luck and your sixth sense. However, it’s recommended to learn what combinations in the game bring profit. The distinctive feature of fruit machines slots is a different value of different lines. The first pay line is “the cheapest”, the second one is “medium”, while the third one is the most “expensive”. As for particular symbols, cherries are traditionally the cheapest fruit that brings the minimum profit. At the same time, this is the only symbol that doesn’t need to form a combination of three pictures in a row to become payable. You can get small prized for two and even for a single cherry. Other kinds of fruit are more “expensive” – they bring bigger prizes. But to become payable they need to form a combination of three similar fruits in a line.

But of course, the most desired for every gambler symbol is a Seven. Getting 3 sevens in a line while playing an online fruit slot means hitting a jackpot. In some cases it can multiply your bet by 9000! Of course, it happens not every day and not with everyone, but why not try your luck if there is such an opportunity? For a free training specialists recommend choosing online slots, where the probability of hitting jackpot is slightly higher than when playing brick-and-mortar machines in an offline casino. The fact is that cheating is virtually excluded when you play online, as modern online machines use the Random Number Generator, and they are supervised by the Gaming Labs.

What Makes Fruit Machines Attractive for Gamblers?

As it had been mentioned above, the entire bonus system of online fruit slots can’t be called super advanced or unordinary. One won’t find free bonus games as well as the famous Wild Symbol here. And still, slots of this type stay popular with gamblers. Players from all over the world like a traditional “fruit” theme, which provokes nostalgic mood with every spin of the reel. Fruit machines offer a simple interface and all the basic options and opportunities. Also there are some attractive bonuses, such as the Scatter symbol, which can multiply bonuses and prizes.

Online fruit machines today attract both advanced gamers and beginners. If you want to try your luck, free Fruit Machines online are a good way of doing so. Start with a small bet and see a result. And who knows – maybe it’s you who will hit jackpot one day. It’s your turn to spin a reel now!