VIP Online Slots Evaluation

When playing slots online, most players enjoy having the VIP treatment from the comfort of their couch. Offering gamblers the opportunity to play their favorite casino games in an environment full of pretty women and men in suits is an advantage brick and mortar casino had over the online platform for a long time. These caused online gaming software developers to up their game and give their clients the same opportunity with the VIP slots without them having to leave their homes.

VIP Slots Display

The display of these slots come in different variance. Even so, they all have features that are connected with money and a luxurious lifestyle. Some of the most common colors used are red and gold, with symbols of expensive cars, diamonds, gold coins and bars, beautiful women, etc. Below are some of the most popular VIP slots online and a review of what they look like.

  • She’s a Rich Girl slot
    This slot is a product of International Gaming Technologies (IGT). As suggested by the title of this slot, it is based on the glamorous life rich girl with red hair. The icons used on the reels stay true to the nature of the game. They include the red headed girl, her dog, an elderly guy (popularly guessed to be the sugar daddy), a rich girl logo, diamonds, and various fruits. In the gameplay, the player gets to play the rich girl, and the main aim is to acquire as many diamonds as possible. This VIP slot play in UK and across the globe has quite a following.
  • Wags to Riches
    This five reel and twenty payline game is based on the flashy lives of the wives and girlfriends of wealthy celebrities and athletes. Developed by Merkur Gaming, the game features numerous shopping sprees, fancy club lifestyle, sports cars, colognes, and shopping bags as icons. The upside to this game is that it can be enjoyed by players with any bankroll, even though it is meant to give a taste of the rich life.
  • Playboy Online slot
    Based on one of the top ranking adult magazines in the United Kingdom and across the world, playboy online slot has stuck true to the nature of the material they sell. Playboy magazine directs its focus on the snapping and editing pictorials on adult entertainment.Due to its widespread popularity, Microgaming went ahead and developed the slot to provide slot lovers with an adult taste something to grasp their attention. The game features half naked girls in a not so innocent setting. The background is all pink with a touch of luxurious symbols, one of the highest paying being the playboy bunny symbol. The Playboy bunnies who have featured on the cover of the magazine are also used as icons on the reels.
  • Diamond Dogs
    This slot is a creation of the online gaming software developer Net Entertainment. The popularity of this slot is not owed to the inclusion of pretty ladies and glamorous cars, but the use of fine dogs in their place – as suggested by the title. All the other symbols are also related to the canine lifestyle such as luxurious feeding bowls, hydrants made out of gold, and bones. Most of the other icons may pass as just basic in comparison to other slots in this category. However, the use of dogs and dog tools in the slot in place of other expensive items used in other slot machine games has worked in keeping most gambling lovers attentive to the slot.
  • Monte Carlo Millions slot
    Monte Carlo is famous for being a destination for those with heavy wallets, and OpenBet has made it possible from gamers of all walks of life to have fun in the place on their screens. The slot features enticing sounds, great graphics, and realistic chances at being a millionaire. The game layout is quite straightforward with the four playing card used as icons: King, Queen, Ace, and Jack. Other symbols that represent wealth are also included such as a luxury yacht, champagne, and an Aston Martin.
  • Rags to Riches
    This slot developed by Amaya Gaming not only features the glamorous side of life but also includes the not so fancy side. This way, players get to build their way from shabby homes to private islands featuring drinks, cars, and houses that come with hefty price tags attached to them. The game features five reels and twenty pay lines, with a bonus game attached to it that is a progressive jackpot. The symbols used in the game are representations of both rags and riches: a homeless person, skateboard, gold bars, sale posters, expensive cigars, and the hobo transformed into a person with a tux and two pretty ladies standing beside him. When a player hits a winning combo, a scene plays out where the hobo transforms into a wealthy man.

Tactical Aspects of VIP Slots

The gameplay used to in VIP slot games played in the UK and worldwide is quite similar to that of most slots found online. All one has to do to play free VIP slots is:

  • Select the number of bet lines they would like to be active during the gameplay using the (-) and (+) buttons provided
  • Choose the wagering amount for each bet line using the (-) and (+) buttons
  • Proceed to select the SPIN option so that reels can start rolling
  • Most of these slots provide an Autoplay option to allow players spin reels consecutively until they choose to stop them or run out of funds

However, some games will come with extra options such as Bet Max that allows you to place the maximum wager on each active line.

Winning Chances

The winning chances of the VIP slot machine games are dependent on the Return To Player (RTP) rate of each game. If the rate is high, the chances of a win are good. Additionally, placing a high bet presents better winning chances. Even so, players should always remember only to wager what they can comfortably lose. The games are available in both free and real money versions.


VIP slots are a major part of the gaming industry since they provide the feeling of a land based casino with the special treatment they present to players. There are free online VIP slots available as well as real money ones, the latter being the most popular.