Prepare for the journey through infinity you have been waiting for a long time with the space themed slot machines.

Space Slots

Looking from the space, we live on a blue pale dot. It is in that moment that we remind ourselves how small we are and yet we feel so big and important. From the moment of our creation till now we have been wondering what is out there in the midst of infinity and is it possible that just maybe we are not alone in this multiverse? Since we never got to find that out, all that is left for us is to imagine. Just from our imagination we have created our own space realm that involves mysterious life forms called aliens, spaceships, awesome weapons and other things. It has never been easier to step a foot into this world and space slots are just one of the ways to do it.

There are many companies that are interested in publishing games like this since they are very attractive because of their theme. Some of the most popular developers are NetEnt, Microgaming and igt. They are the creators of some of the top rated space themed slots such as Starbust , Aliens, BattlestarGalactica, Alien Robots, Transformers Battle For Cybertron and so on.

Casual players can access space themed slots online and play them for free without download and registration. For more serious players, there is also an option to play for the real money. One can achieve that by visiting some of the casinos placed all over the world or simply sit comfortably and play for real via the internet. Considering the best quality and experience provided for the gambling population, it is highly recommended to visit and playSpace themed slots in the UK casinos that are available across the Europe. Slots of this kind are mostly available only for desktop platforms but newly released ones are optimized for mobile and tablet devices.


The theme of space slots varies from one to another. Since the universe is still an unknown place for us, these games are just a product of our silly imagination. Usually most of the space themed slots online have a minimal theme and the reels are positioned in the center and take the biggest part of the interface. The background is dark filled with shiny stars or is presented as a planet surface, making the gambler experience a mysterious feeling. This is good since there are no distractions from aside and is easier for a bettor to keep his focus on the actual game.

Another element that is making this experience whole is a surrounding music. It has a slow pace or is a little bit faster and reminds of superhero music, but is bringing tension for sure while the player is spinning the reels and waiting to see what he has landed.

Since we are inclined towards making a connection of space with future times, all the slots contain fiction characters like modified aliens, robots or the machinery that a human race haven’t invented yet such as spaceships, powerful weapons and others. That is why a bigger portion of the games have amazing 3D graphics so the gameplay could look more real. It is easy to see that the publishers have put a lot of effort in animations of the symbols. They look very much alive so a player can be sitting in a room and still have a feeling of traveling through the galaxy in a speed of light or battle aliens.

Bonus rounds are also included in most of them and are animated as well. Most of the times they are presented as cut scenes in which you are either fighting or driving a spaceship. The perfect example for that is a BattlestarGalactica slot. It has a bonus round where you are fighting your enemy on the reels.

Handling the Pressure

Basic gameplay does not differ from the other slots.Free online space slots have a regular group of symbols that are divided by each other based on their value, and a special group of cards which are making the game more fun and enjoyable for playing. The winning combinations are paid from left to the right and a general rule is that one of the symbols involved in it has to land on the first reel. This rule does not apply for the scatter since it can land anywhere on the reels and still bring awards.

The wild card is also a general thing. It substitutes for any ordinary symbol in order of making the combination valid. This has no effect on scatter and bonus cards. The effects of special symbols are different in every pokie, which means that each of them is bringing something new and original.

Bonus rounds may or may not be involved but most of the slots incorporate it in its gameplay since it is a big game changer that caries the opportunity for a gambler to hit the jackpot or towin high awards. Theinterface is made pretty simple and consists of a couple of buttons with obvious functions. This is making it easier for inexperienced players to manage themselves. Coin value ranges from the standard 0.01 which is the lowest to the maximum of 30 coins per spin.

What are the odds?

Space slots have a variable return to player percentage and it ranges from 92% which is really low and makes the game boring to play, to the maximum of 96% where the player gets good combinations all the time.

These games are a perfect choice for the lovers of good graphics, awesome design and animations, and of course for everyone enjoying sci-fi adventures, and now it has never been easier to make the access and play free online space themed slots. All one has to do is start the browser, make a favorite drink and enjoy good fun with space elements and fast awards.