Online pokie machines are one of the most popular in a world of gaming. They are complex mathematical-based games with simple functions which can be understood by any gambler. Mastering one of them is easy. There is a little portion of skill and luck that a player will need to win money. Bettors can choose between thousands of online pokies in the United Kingdom and the number keeps growing up every day thanks to the popularity of an online betting.

Players can try classic slots, old-school, modern looking and many other with many interesting characteristics which will make gambling more fun. Games based on a certain theme are one of the most played in a gaming community. Gamblers just like to spin the wheel with their famous movie stars on a playing display. And if fun is what a gambler is looking for, he/she should definitively check magic slots.

Find a Magic Slot

The most important step is choosing a right game. Players should know that not all magic themed casino machines have the same winning odds and playing function. Every slot is different in some matter and bettors should carefully read all the information related to the game they are going to play. Rules, terms, conditions and symbol values can be found on the “Paytable” window.

To play free magic slots, gamblers need to enter the online casino platform and make an account. After that, finishing the registration process is required to be able to infuse some cash into the account. When these basics are done, players can go the more interesting part, finding a magic pokie machine.

Some casinos have this sorted out, so gamblers can just find this category and pick a game they like. If this category is not available, bettors can search a magic slot by checking some of the most common characteristics like:

  • Symbols which are related to this theme like magic balls, lamps, flying carpets, ghosts, fortune tellers, etc.
  • Background and reel design in a game is usually covered with colorful parts with lots of extra features and magic spirits.
  • Magic slots online often possess bonus levels where bettors can find free cash opportunities.

Let the Magic Begin

To start playing magic-themed pokies, a gambler first needs to decide which type of game he/she wants to test. There are two possible versions for almost any slot machine. The free mode can be tested by any gambler without any deposit required. The real money version is only for players who are more than 18 years old because real cash deposits must be made to be able to play. Bettors can feel free to try betting with any desired device (mobiles, tablets, PC).

Most of them are supported by some of the best software like the Android, iOS, etc. The first step that should be done when a game is selected is to adjust some playing settings. It is always good to pick a magic slot which possesses bonus levels, many special signs, and adjustable lines. If an auto roll option is available to set it on.

Switching between manual and automatic spinning will make no difference when it comes to the outcome of a game so bettors can just lay back and enjoy in many interesting features that can be found while they play their favorite magic slot machine. When a bonus level is triggered, automatic spins will be stopped and a gambler can test his/her luck to win bonus money rewards. Adjust stakes and number of lines in a way that spinning can be prolonged as much as possible but with the possibility to obtain some of the biggest payouts.

Magic Tricks to Win Big

Slot machines have a mathematical base which can be used to create a winning strategy. Like all themed games, free online magic pokies work on the same principle. To gain a small starting advantage, bettors can choose a magic game with the higher RTP (return to a player) to increase the scoring chances slightly. There are other tips that can be used to gain an advantage like:

  • Set the number of lines to the max. Many inexperienced bettors forget that playing with the highest number of pay lines will provide more scoring combinations.
  • Adjust the stakes to the maximum value. This is a double edge sword, but when winning possibilities and risk chances are compared the choice is easy. Always play with the biggest wagers because only this way some of the mega prizes can be won. If a player is trying a progressive jackpot magic pokie, he/she should know that in most slot games of this type, playing with highest bets is the main requirement for this reward.
  • Trigger free spins whenever that is possible. Scatter magic symbols can appear at any moment, so make sure to use a free spin chance when it pops out. Using bonus turns means that a player will spin the wheel of luck without placing his/her own cash. To really use this to your advantage try to re-trigger this feature if possible. The more rounds are played for free the more turns can be spun. This is the best way to increase the scoring possibilities. While extra features are on they can provide multipliers meaning that a gambler will earn much more cash than in regular part if lucky.
  • Bonus levels are something that bettors always want to get. They can bring lots of extra cash prizes and scoring chances. Just collect magic logo symbols and trigger it. In bonus levels gamblers can play lots of different games of revealing, picking, flying, etc. Players can also reveal extra free spins, multipliers and real money rewards.

Spin and Have Fun

In the first place, magic themed pokies are fun to play. Magic play in the UK and in other regions can be tried by any gambler, where betting is allowed by laws. Magic slots provide a new and interesting gambling experience and lots of big prizes that can appear at any time for patient bettors. Make a betting plan and spin to score.