When choosing a favorite game, bettors are searching for ones that are the most interesting and with highest scoring possibilities. Online casinos offer a big variety of pokies that can be played directly via most of the devices and gadgets. Themed pokies are a special type of online slot machines with some characteristic story or base.

They can be related to a movie starts, part of the World, history, singers, commercials, food, etc. Some are modern looking and other offer classic betting enjoyment. If a player wants a classic and colorful online slot to play, he/she should try a fruit themed pokie. Fruit slots are one of the first that was produced. Even when online betting wasn’t available they were attracting all kind of gamblers. Gaming companies are still creating them with different features and design.

How to Find a Fruit Pokie?

One of the most distinctive characteristics of fruit-themed games is simplicity. They often possess a simple playing menu and basic functions. There is almost not a single online casino that doesn’t have some kind of fruit slot. To find them, bettors can open any list of themed pokies and search for ones with fruit characteristics. Gamblers from the United Kingdom can just enter the desired casino and create an account.

It is a free and fast process that will last only a few minutes to complete. When all necessary information is provided, a player can now play free fruit slots. They are sorted in a fruit category (in casinos where theme categories are shown).

Bettors don’t even need a fruit category because they can be found in no time just by listing games. They have a very distinctive characteristic like:

  • Usually the lower number of play lines (3 to 10 depending on a slot type).
  • Fruit symbol (lemons, oranges, bananas, cherries and many others).
  • Simple looking menus with basic functions.
  • Background theme is in most cases fruity with lots of colorful signs and features.
  • Some games offer special bonuses, levels, and gambling rooms.
  • Playing display is usually in a shape of a manual land-based casino machine.
  • Lower reel number

This is more than enough to recognize a fruit slot in just a few clicks. Bettors should pay attention to a couple of details when they are choosing a game. Some gambling platforms offer these pokies in two versions, for free and a real money mode, where players can increase their bankrolls by investing real money. Regardless of what type a gambler decides to play, he/she will definitively have fun while spinning a wheel of luck.

How to Spin the Wheel?

When a gambler picks his/her game it is time to set some basic options and betting setting before placing any bets. The first thing that should be adjusted is the number of lines (if possible). Bettors should always strive to adjust the wheel to spin with the maximum number of lines. This will provide extra scoring possibilities and multiple winning combinations that can appear on a gaming display. A wheel is usually started by clicking a “Spin” button or by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard. Gamblers can spin the wheel in two ways. The first one is the manual spinning. The other option is to set the fruity wheel to spin automatically. This auto roll option can be very handy when bettors just want a fruit play in the UK or any other region in a relaxed manner. A number of consecutive rounds can be adjusted and a game can start.

How to Win?

Sometimes, to win in a fruit slots online machine, good luck is all that a gambler needs. More experienced bettors will never rely just on luck and fortune. Good decision making and the appropriate strategy can really make a difference when playing a fruit themed online slot machine. There are a couple of tips that every gambler can follow to increase the odds:

  • Play with the stakes set to the highest value. Fruit machines can be found in many different variations, but this rule can be applied for every slot. Increasing stakes will allow a player to get some of the biggest rewards in a game. If bettors want to spin a wheel in a progressive jackpot fruity slot, this is a step that should not be missed because this is the main requirement for getting a chance to win the big jackpot prize.
  • Carefully pick a game. This can take some time, but finding a fruit slot machine that fits your goal and budget can be very helpful. Every pokie has a different RTP. This is the theoretical return to a player that is shown in percentages. The higher it is, the more winning chances a player will have. It’s a simple math thing. All games from one of the most known developers have a fair system installed in them. This system will provide equal chances of scoring for every player, regardless of someone’s previous plays and winnings.
  • Triggering extra games can lead to more cash in just a few spins. Extra rounds are usually activated by gathering scatter symbols. They are definitively the goal when spinning the wheel. Free bonus rounds can change player’s luck fast when having a bad streak. After every round, chances of winning will be higher.
  • Bonus levels can be won by collecting fruit bonus symbols. These are usually games of revealing.
  • For more winning opportunities bettors can play fruit slots that possess a gambling option. It can be activated after every round that has a winning line. A player can then enter the gambling room where he/she needs to beat the dealer or to guess the next coming card color (varies from game to game).

Lots of Fruits and Fun

Fruit themed games are for bettors who want spin the wheel in a relaxed manner without any pressure. With just some basic skills and tips, a player can earn real cash rewards no matter how long he/she played earlier. Free online fruit games have always been attractive for gamblers and online pokies based on this theme will continue to do that for sure.