Winter brings holidays, family meetings and good food. One particular day of the year brings all that together, and it is of course the Christmas day. Christmas slots are portraying all of the elements that come along with Christmas such as turkey, lights, snow, New Year, etc.

Gamble for as low as one cent per spin for real or even try out all of the games for free by using demo credits and free version, without investing any cash at all. These are the most popular Christmas slot machines available online:

  • Santa Strikes Back
  • The Elf Wars
  • Deck The Halls
  • Secret Santa
  • Santa’s Wild Ride
  • Scrooge Repents
  • Sugar Train

The first thing everyone notices about these games is that a lot of them contain Santa in their title, which is a no surprise because some of the prizes and jackpots they offer indeed make you feel like Santa came through the chimney and put money into your wallet. The fact that companies such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, IGT and RTG are developing these games makes them even more appealing as those are the greatest companies in the entire online gambling industry.

Presents, Surprises & Lights

Those are the three things everyone is most excited about at the end of the day, after seeing all of your family again and having a nice turkey dinner. Lights and decorations provide unlimited inspiration to the developers, allowing them to be free and experiment, trying out thousands of design combinations.

All people are excited about Christmas, and it games themed by it rarely get negative feedback or poor ratings. However, the main reason for that is that the best companies out there are the ones releasing the games. They simply cannot make a bad game with experienced, creative and ambitious teams working on them.

Mobile gaming is a very important aspect of online gambling nowadays, especially with all the new smartphone technologies and new software allowing gamblers from all around the world to play free Christmas slots machines whenever and wherever they want.

However, those with older devices are always safe from any performance issues, as turning off the special and 3D effects is always an option.

Lowering the overall graphics quality might be a good idea if your device cannot run the game smooth enough, which might happen sometimes.

Reels, Rows & Paylines

Christmas slots online can appear in many different formations. The most common one has 15 fields structured like this:

  • 5 Reels
  • 3 Rows
  • 5 to 30 Paylines

However, it is not rare to see developers change the scheme and put in an additional row or even a whole another set of reels. This is necessary when ways to win system gets implemented because more than a thousand ways to win is possible only with an additional column.

Those variations can affect the RTP in both positive and negative ways. 4096 Ways to win for example reduces the RTP and makes the game become low volatility because of how easy it is for signs to match, awarding the gamblers in almost every single roll but with lower rewards. It is not rare to see half of the prizes being lower than the stake. If you are looking for a high volatility Christmas slot machine, then search for those with 20 or less pay lines.

Online Casino Promotions

One thing to pay attention to when looking for a free online Christmas slot is to find the perfect online casino as well. This becomes even more important when you decide to switch from free to the real version.

The free or demo version, as some players call it, provides free gameplay of any picked game. It does so by providing fun credits to anyone who loads up the machine, and resets the amount every single time the page or the application is refreshed. This version is highly recommended to all the beginners and also for anyone who is trying the game that just came out for the very first time, in order to get familiar with the features, symbols and the structure.

Play in the UK whenever there is a new Christmas slot title announced, as it is the first place where players will be allowed to enjoy it. However, it only matters if you really need to test it as soon as it comes out, as after a short period of time, they will be available world-wide. Usually, the games are available globally, but if not, those from the United Kingdom are the lucky ones. All of the bonuses claimed along with the first or any other deposit have conditions, and because they are unique for each casino it is recommended to visit the terms and conditions page.

Christmas Spirit

Spreading live and positive energy is what life is all about. Besides doing that at the dinner table, where all the ones you love are you could also share your gaming experience with the Christmas slots online with anyone interested in this matter. Who knows, maybe you get someone else to try it out and the next year they might become millionaires just because you mentioned it!

Interactive interface and characters located near the reels can be seen very often (Santa Claus, reindeer, opening presents, decoration lights, etc.). The reason why companies implement these types of features is to remind everyone that gamble machines are primarily made to entertain and provide fun. A lot of players get lost in the numbers, but the RTP is always below 100%, increasing the chance of losing with each lower percentage. However, searching for those with the RTP of over 96% is always a good idea because there are plenty of them, developed by various firms.