The good old phrase says that those who do not love animals, do not love people either. That is why Animal slots are the most popular ones nowadays. Even back in the days, when there was no internet, games like Monkey Money and Evolution were present in some of the best land based casinos, and played by millions of people all around the world.

Animals are a great source of inspiration for the developers as they provide unlimited inspiration for the design, background sounds, effects and animations. Some of the most popular machines devoted to animals are:

  • The Exterminator
  • Ned and his Friends
  • Chase the Cheese
  • Kitty Glitter
  • Pet$ Pay Day
  • Jumpin’ Rabbit

When companies like Microgaming, BluePrint, NetEnt and Playtech decide to make hundreds of games, all inspired by animals then at least trying them out is a no brainer. The old-school ones, which were transferred from land to the online world have simple designs, allowing them to run smoothly even on extremely old devices, while the modern and 3D ones are perfect for those who have the newer ones. Lowering the graphics quality is always an option, if you run into any performance issues.

The Looks

How good the game looks i.e. how detailed the graphics are, decides whether the machine is relevant or not nowadays. Companies developing Animal slot machines hit the nail in that area, as those are some of the best-rated games on the market today.

The regular symbols might have the high card values representing the low ones, but the higher signs always have animal icons. Hundreds of thousands of different animal species inspire companies on a regular basis, allowing each game to have unique wilds, scatters and bonus symbols.

The tricky part for the developers is to make animations and feature even better and more entertaining than the previous games did each time. All of the games listed in the previous section have unique designs providing a new experience every time you switch to the next one.

Those are not the only ones of course, but according to the community they have the best reputation, and because there are hundreds of them available, searching and trying out all of them might me a hard but enjoyable task.

Spin To Win

Some knowledge might be needed before rolling in the land based casino on the old-school machines, because there were no detail explanations nor understandable paytables. It was harder back than to program and implement everything in a huge machine, but because of how easy front-end programming and pure text implementation process is nowadays, the machines are very easy to understand.

Play free Animal slots by simply using the fundamental buttons for the bet adjustment, paytable opening and spinning. The auto-play feature is always present, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Because of how well-designed those machines are, it truly feels like watching an animated movie with the only exception being that this one can make you real money.

All games are optimized for the smartphone devices, and some of them are primarily made for the mobile users. The touch-screen technology becomes very useful and boosts the positive experience with features such as swiping for the paytable pages or phone shaking for spinning. With implementations such as face and fingerprint recognition on the new phones, who knows what gamblers can expect from casinos and software development companies in the future.

Online Casino Promotions

One thing to pay attention to when looking for a free online Animal slot is to find the perfect online casino as well. This becomes even more important when you decide to switch from free to the real version.

The free or fun version, as some players call it, provides free gameplay of any chosen game. It does so by giving demo credits to anyone who loads up the game, and resets the amount each time the page or the application is refreshed. It is highly recommended for all the new users and also for anyone who is trying the game that just came out for the very first time, in order to get familiar with the features, symbols and the structure.

Play in the UK whenever there is a new Animal slot title announced, as it is the first place where players will be allowed to enjoy it. However, it only matters if you really need to test it as soon as it comes out, as after a short period of time, they will be available world-wide.

Usually, the games are available globally, but if not, those from the United Kingdom are the lucky ones. All of the bonuses claimed along with the first or any other deposit have conditions, and because they are unique for each casino it is recommended to visit the terms and conditions page.

Explore The Animal World

Have fun, make money and learn! There is no better trio than this, as the first two facts are universal and apply to all the machines, the third one is unique for the Animal slots online. There are games that have side quizzes that provide demo credits (free version) for each correct answer, while sometimes it allows players to both learn and get more money.

The games sometimes have information bubbles that pop up each time you tap the particular animal symbol. A paytable is a place where besides gameplay info, there could be some additional information about the animals included in the game.

Playing with the animals in the bonus or jackpot features is very common as well. The reason why companies implement these types of features is to remind everyone that gamble machines are primarily made to entertain and provide fun. A lot of players get lost in the numbers, but the RTP is always below 100%, increasing the chance of losing with each lower percentage. However, searching for those with the RTP of over 96% is always a good idea because there are plenty of them, developed by various firms.