Wild Symbols

You can see them in almost every free casino slots game out there and you know that they are a good thing; but what are the wild symbols, really? What do they do? Do they really help you or they are just for show?

In short, yes, wild symbols are very helpful things in more than one way and you want to see them on reels in your free slots no download games, trust us. Historically, they appear in slot games nearly for a century. Even the first slot game ever created had wild symbols – that was because of the “poker” theme it used. Slot machines, especially the first versions, works in a way like a poker hand; you need to get a good “hand” consisting of the same symbols to be able to win. Basically, wild symbols are like jokers in the poker hands; they substitute for all other symbols. But nowadays, this is not the only thing they do. Let’s take a closer look and see what wild symbols really are for.


Substitution: This is the most known feature of the wild symbols. They substitute for all other symbols in the game and help you create a winning combination. As you already know, you need to land at least three same symbols on a pay line to get paid. For example, if you have only two, a wild symbol can count as the last one and finish your combination. Or it can complete your four symbol line to a five – giving you a better reward. This is the “mandatory” feature of the wild symbols, even if they don’t have any of the other features we explained below, they always substitute. (The only symbols they don’t substitute for are the other special ones, mostly scatter and bonus symbols.)

Multiplier: In most of the video slot games, wild symbols also act like a multiplier and double (or triple) your winnings. Basically, if the wild symbol is used to complete a winning combination, the normal payout of that combination gets doubled.

Jackpot: Wild symbols also have payout values too. In most games, landing a combination of five wild symbols on a pay line end with a jackpot winning. Or you can land more than one wild symbol in a combination and get a better reward. When it comes to the amount, “the more the better” is the general rule.

Special Features: More and more slots for fun games start to support these features. Wild symbols can be “sticky”, can get “stacked” or expand to cover the entire reel. Sticky wilds mean they stay put in their slots they appeared on for a number of spins. Stacked wilds appear on top of the other ones on a single reel, filling the entire reel with wild symbols. And expanding wilds mean they expand to cover the entire reel they appeared on, turning the reel into wild.

Wild symbols can appear anywhere on reels, but this can change game to game and become “wild symbols can appear only on reels XXX” for example. Check the paytable of every game you play to find out. Or just read the reviews we prepared for you at Casino Avenue – it is the easiest way to find out.