Scatter Symbols

All free casino slots have special symbols – some are for substituting, some are just for plain extra credits. Scatter symbols belong to the second category, their first and most-known feature is to pay you a couple of extra credits without the “obligations”. (We will explain this below, don’t worry.) Historically, they are used since the first slot machine available – cherry symbols were the first scatters. Landing two cherry symbols on reels paid out regardless of where they showed up – a small but captivating feature. Nowadays, scatter symbols still do that and a lot more; let’s take a closer look about what they do and what features they bring to the free slots no download casino games.


Free Credits: This is the first and “original” feature of the scatter symbols. Ever thought about where the name comes from? As you know, to get paid in slot games, you need to land at least three same symbols on a pay line. Well, scatter symbols pay you even if they don’t appear on a pay line! Just land them “scattered” anywhere on reels – if you manage to get at least two, you are getting paid. The more the better! They still have this feature in most of the video slot games, but of course their payout values are very low. Scatter symbols also can get “stacked” in the reels they appeared on, allowing a bigger win.

Free Spins: Nowadays, scatter symbols are known for this feature. At least %90 of slot games will award you with free spins if you manage to land at least three scatter symbols. The number of free spins differs from game to game, but usually, they start as 5 spins for three scatters, 10 spins for four scatters and so on. The free spins feature (usually) can get
re-triggered by landing more scatters and allows you to play for free for a very long time. Some slots also raise their multiplier values during the free games.

Bonus Rounds: In some slot games, scatters do not award with free spins – instead, they activate a bonus round. The number of scatter symbols required for this activation is usually three. Bonus rounds can consist of mini-games or other theme-related features. Differs from game to game, but they all end up with extra credits or higher multiplier values.

Nearly all slots for fun games contain a scatter symbol. It is an easy and simple way to gain the players interest, everybody loves free credits and spins! If there are free spins in the game, you can be sure that it also has scatter symbols. To make sure, you can check the paytable of the game. Or, you can simply read our reviews and find out. All of Casino Avenue games are full of special features and fun – no download and no payment are needed. Pick any of our games and start using the advantages of special symbols, you won’t be disappointed.