Modern slot games are filled with features which help the player in every aspect – there are “joker” symbols (wild), free spin symbols (scatter) and multipliers, which increase the amount of your winnings. Multipliers, simply put, multiply the value of your winnings or your bet. This is a small but important difference, which we will explain below.

Almost all free casino slots games offer multipliers as a feature. These are rarely active in the normal gameplay, multipliers usually get activated in free spins and/or bonus rounds. “10 free spins with x10” is a simple (and well known) example. This means you got 10 free spins and the multiplier values raised up to 10 during the feature. In other words, you can win ten times total bet with each and every spin. Notice the “total bet” emphasis – as we mentioned above, there are two types of multipliers. The first one multiplies your winnings. For example, if you won 2.500 coins with an x2 multiplier, your winnings become 5.000 coins. The second one only multiplies your total bet. Again, with the same example, you may win 2.500 coins but how much you betted for that? 200 coins? Then you only get 400 coins as an extra payout and nothing else. Usually, free slots no download casino games offer the bet multiplier, not the winnings one. Although this is not a bad thing, sometimes your total winnings are lower than your bet.


You can activate and use multipliers in slot games in different situations. These are:

Base Gameplay Multiplier: As we mentioned above, this is a rare situation. Once it happens, it is usually in the form of “multiplier on a pay line”. A randomly chosen pay line gains a multiplier value (for example, x2) for the next spin and if you manage to get a winning combination on that pay line, your winnings (or total bet) are doubled.

Wild Multiplier: Slots for fun games love this feature and it is widely used. Wild symbol doubles the winnings if it used to complete a winning combination. It is a fixed multiplier (x2) and active for each spin.

Scatter Multiplier: Again, a common feature amongst the slot games. Once you activate the free spins feature using the scatters, multiplier values are also raised up. As we mentioned above, “10 free spins with 10x multiplier” is a good example of this. Sometimes landing a combination of a random symbol and a certain amount of scatter symbols also end up with multiplier numbers.

There is also a special category of slot games, called the “multiplier slots”. These contain very high multiplier values, such as x1000 or even x7.500. They usually work as bet multipliers but still, their numbers are very high and can make you a rich man with a single spin.

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