Free Spins

Probably everyone will agree that playing slots for free is great – it’s fun, relaxing and can take the pressure of a busy day off your back. But there’s a thing even better than that – and it’s free slots with free spins. Here at Casino Avenue we have a full collection of free slot machines with free spins so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere.


Just like all other games on our website, the free spins slots are available completely for free, with no need to download and install any cumbersome software. No registration is required, either – spend those minutes playing, not typing out details! Just pick a game you like, click on it and in mere seconds you will be able to immerse in its magic world – it’s as easy as one-two-three!

So what are free spins and why you should seek them out? Basically it’s a type of bonus, usually triggered by a special symbol called the scatter. If several of those appear on the screen, you get a number of spins you can do without betting any money – and there are usually some perks thrown in, like multipliers, extra wilds and so on. Sometimes they even take place on a separate screen, with different graphics, video and sound effects. So if you’re a bit bored with regular free slots – free spins can spice up your gambling experience. It’s always exciting to see them start and that adrenaline rush is exactly why we love slot machines so much!

Casino Avenue has the best collection of games with free spins you can find on the web. All of your favourite software developers, all the genres, all the styles – you name it and we have it. So it doesn’t matter where your preferences lie, we have a little something for everyone!

If you think you’ve mastered online slots enough to start wagering for real money, or in case free play just isn’t doing it for you anymore, we will help you with the transition to real money gambling! We have listed the best, the most generous and most reputable online casinos to offer free spins slots, so that you can enjoy your favourite game for real money without hassle too! And don’t forget our section on online casino bonuses for some amazing deals available every day!