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real money sic boIf you want to play sic bo online for real money and don’t know where to start, let us guide you. Sic Bo is a great game – similar to craps, but way less confusing. Besides being easier to understand and play, it also has a bigger variety of bets, making it more exciting and profitable. And the profitability and high payout rates are what makes Sic Bo one of the most sought after online casino game. It is a game played with 3 dice and brought to the US by Chinese immigrants during the 19th century. You bet not just on the outcome, but for a certain condition too. For example, it is possible to bet all dice will roll the same number. Another difference is that you don’t “roll” the dice, they stay put in a closed box. You just shake the box and the dealer opens it to reveal the outcome. It is similar in many ways to the craps game, but it is entirely based on luck. In the craps game, there are more betting options, so simple strategies can be applied. Sic Bo looks like a much simpler version of craps in this respect, but the level of entertainment never changes!

Play Sic Bo Online for Real Money

Here at Top UK Casinos, you can learn how to play sic bo online real money and enjoy some free games in practice mode – just to get you acquainted with the game and let you hone your skills. However, if you just stick to free play, real money won’t come trickling down into your account. For that, you will need an online casino, and Top UK Casinos once again knows just how to help you. Our dedicated team search for the best online casinos on the internet and review them in detail. All the features of casinos are examined in detail: their bonus offers, the number of games, credibility and the certificates they have. In this way, it is possible to enjoy Sic Bo and other games comfortably in a reliable environment. You can count on the casinos we recommend, because we join them as a member, play all games thoroughly and even test the quality of customer service before we recommend them.

We provide you a tutorial on how to play Sic Bo, too; don’t forget to check it out before you bet real money. Some games are based on pure luck and you can’t use any strategies but it is always important to know the rules and betting options beforehand. Strategy guides, free games to practice and reputable casinos to bet real cash – we provide them all.

Sic Bo in the UK

We have searched the whole of Internet to find and compare the very best gambling establishments that offer this exciting game with dice. Many of them offer huge bonuses and specials, so that if you play your cards wisely and take advantage of them at the right time, you can play sic bo online real money, make a profit and get to keep the prize! But to find these deals you either have to stalk casinos every day, spending a lot of time keeping an eye on them, or just visit a corresponding page of Top UK Casinos, where our team has already done all the hard work for you.
Security is important to us: we only recommend the most secure and reliable online casinos. We know the value of hard-earned money and we don’t want you to take unnecessary risks. This is why we have a huge free casino games collection: you can practice as long as you want before moving on to the real game. Read the guides, practice on different games and continue your journey on the most reputable casinos: this is what we offer to our visitors. Just read our online casino reviews and pick the best ones for you. Follow our bonus offer guides and take advantage of free money in your account – all you need to do is register with real information.

Only the Best Casinos

Our news and bonuses sections are updated daily, so you will never miss a beat! No need to scour the web yourself – just sit back and let Top UK Casinos do all the hard work for you. We have all the hottest deals rounded up, like where to play free Sic Bo, no deposit, win real cash and then multiply that money at tournaments! So if you’re looking for a large sign-up bonus, some free money or just a good solid place to do your gambling at – Top UK Casinos will always help you out. Want to try something different? Check out our real money slots section: it has hundreds of slot machines in all varieties.

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  • Training I went for a couple of minutes, nothing complicated well, if you are lazy and like to throw the dice, remember all at once.

    The money I paid according to the odds on the pay table. In this game I play on the computer for a better view.

    As for me externally, the game is pretty simple, but I think not that it was bright, it will be difficult to focus. Here a lot of thinking I don’t have, just needs to guess the outcome of the 3 dice.$$$$

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