How to Play (Rules)


Sic Bo is a game of Asian origins, which is a bit similar to craps – you bet on an outcome of a roll of dice – but has different bets and three dice are used instead of two. If you’re curious to find out how to play Sic Bo, check out our following guide, where the most basic rules are explained in an easy to follow form.

  • The main advantage Sic Bo (otherwise known as ”tai sai” or ”dai siu”) has before craps is that it’s much easier to understand and play. You can learn how to play online Sic Bo in mere minutes and there isn’t any specific lingo to understand.
  • The game is played on a special table and players bet on an outcome of the roll of three dice. You place a bet, the dice are rolled and you have your outcome – that’s all you need to play Sic Bo game! However, the interesting things start with all the different types of bets. We have broken them down into six main categories, so it would be easier to understand at first.
    • Big or Small. A roll that yields between 4 and 10 points is considered “small” and a roll that has a point count between 11 and 17 is called “big”. Basically you’re trying to predict in which category the result will fall. However, this bet always loses is a “triple” (the same number on all three dice) is rolled.
    • Odd or Even. Just like in Roulette, you bet whether the point sum will be an odd or even number. Again, this bet loses if a triple is rolled.
    • Total sum. This bet pays out the most but has the lowest odds – you have to predict the exact point sum that will be rolled.
    • Any triple. You bet that a same number will appear on all three dice. You don’t have to specify the number, however.
    • Triple numbers. Same as the previous bet, but you actually have to specify the number that will be rolled, e.g. 555, 444. It’s low odds, but gives a great payout.
    • Double. You bet that at least two of the three dice will have the same number on them.
    • Exact numbers. You try and predict the exact numbers that will appear on all three dice.
    • Any numbers. A very popular bet in Sic Bo, you wager that a specific number will be rolled at least once.

And that is all you need to remember to learn how to play Sic Bo for real money or free and win! Hopefully this tutorial was helpful and you’re feeling confident to enjoy some Sic Bo online! We can help you choose casino with Sic Bo to take your game to the next step, because Casino Avenue is your best buddy and your one-stop shop to all the online casino entertainment you may need!

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