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Online scratch cards are a quick and gratifying way to have some fun and relax, but what if you just feel like a fast little game and the website is trying to make you download countless megabytes of an application and then wait for it to install? Well, that just won’t do for us, and that’s why we have created Casino Avenue!

Casino Avenue is the best place online to enjoy a free scratch cards game, no download required. That’s right, our huge and complete collection of scratch cards applications created by all the well-known software developers is open to you with free and instant access.

With us you can play scratch cards online, no download needed. Never spend a minute waiting, staring at the screen in hopes that your download would move just a little bit faster! No more clutter on your computer – and now you can even play from machines that won’t let you install anything. Or gamble from your mobile – our modern games work on most devices, too! Just open your browser, pick a game from this page and voila! In mere seconds you’re enjoying a fun, colourful and exciting game of scratch cards, and if you don’t like it you can quickly start another one, without going through the tedious downloading process once again.

We believe in modern gaming, and with technologies being as advanced as they are, for you to play free scratch cards, no download should be ever needed. Unless you wan to play real money scratch cards. The games are getting lighter and faster every day, and we intend to take full advantage of that and bring our visitors the cutting edge of modern online gambling.

No download, no registration – nothing is standing between you and fun if you choose Casino Avenue! Besides offering you the best and the newest games available, we also have tutorials, news, tips and tricks, interesting strategies and much, much more! We can also help you in your search for perfect online casinos that share our philosophy on quick, affordable gaming – and are secure and reputable to boot! Check out our online casino bonuses page for latest deals, too!


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