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Real money kenoHave you ever thought of playing keno online for real money? Then you’re at the right place! The Casino Avenue has put together a special feature highlighting the best online casinos, where you can not only play but win, too! Keno is a “lottery” game, which you can find in almost all casinos. Playing keno is simple: you just need to choose numbers from 1 to 80. The amount of numbers you can pick will vary according to the game. Some games allow you to make 10 choices, some even fewer. 20 numbers are randomly selected in each round, and if your choices are among the numbers, you win. The most important thing to pay attention to is the paytable because it’s different for each game. This lottery-like game is “invented” in China and played since about 300 years. Although it attracts the attention of elder players mostly, the game offers amusement and profit for players of all ages.

There are no strategies for Keno, it is a game based on pure luck. There are only probabilities, and they change according to how many numbers you picked. There are also some “lucky” numbers, for example, the probability of 6 appearing in selection is %23.32. Number 1, on the other hand, only has a probability of %1.15. Even if it is a game based on luck, you can increase your chances of winning with such little hints like these.

Play Keno Online for Real Money

We have compiled a comprehensive list of online casino venues that offer online keno for real money. Not only are these establishments completely safe, certified with the authorities, and boasting rave reviews from gamblers all around the globe, they also give you a good chance at winning! We have checked the success rates of real money keno online games, and only included the places with the highest winning rates – so you will know just where to go! Keno UK casinos are our main focus, but we also provide reviews of worldwide casinos which accept players from all over the world.

But first things first: you need to know the rules of the game and probability of each number appearing on a card. Start by reading our detailed tutorial on how to play keno and continue with practice: we offer you the best free keno games available. Some of them are:

  • Klub;
  • Instant;
  • Traditional.

Each of these games has a slightly different ruleset, so you can learn about variations of this game. It is possible to win millions of dollars by playing keno, and in this respect, it is more profitable even than poker.

Real Money Keno Online: Where to Play?

When choosing the best casinos to play keno for real money, we pay attention to the following points:

Security. What type of encryption technology is used for your connections? What does the electronic payment system use as its infrastructure? Is your credit card information stored in the system? All these questions are important in terms of security, and they are among the most important things we pay attention to.

Certification. Not all certifications are equal: we ensure that the casino is only certified by reputable organizations such as the Gaming Commission, Gibraltar, and Malta. We also check for how often the casino is audited by third-party agencies.

Responsible Gaming. Every casino we review must be able to offer personal restrictions. Can you limit the number of games you play and the amount of time= How about the budget you allocate for gaming? All responsible gaming options are being investigated in this context.

Number of Games. We do not only examine the number of games offered, but also the platform used by the casino. Using a well-known distributor’s platform means you will get both more and better quality games.

Bonus Offers. Each casino offers bonuses, but only a few of them give a real advantage. We try all the bonus offers personally and see they give you an edge or not.

Whether you play keno or another game, we always offer the best and most reliable online casinos for your gaming pleasure.

Online Keno for Real Money – Play and Win

Amongst all the different casino games, when you play keno, real money wins can be tricky to achieve. Not anymore, since we here at Casino Avenue have put our heads together and created this list for you. Just pick a casino that appeals to you the most and the rest is easy as pie! If you want to take your research that one step further, check our online casino bonuses page – there just might be some extra promotions running right now, that can make that win sweeter and that prize even larger. Always win big with Casino Avenue on your side! Enjoy your real money keno and come back for more fun games – such as real money craps!


  • Many of us R familiar with Keno since childhood. I remember times when I was watching this game on TV many years ago. Now times have changed…
    U can win money on the Internet. For example, at Real Money Keno. I’ve been playing here 4 a long time. The rules R pretty simple: U need to guess numbers from 1 to 80.
    Of course, I have my own strategy that brings me success. It took years to create it. But the results R quite significant. Now I live on money that I win here. I don’t deny myself much.

  • I want to tell you about an online game for real money at I play we will focus on the REAL MONEY KENO.

    The project by itself is ordinary, not like before the project was on TV here all the more interesting.

    Not when could not think that in reality will be able to play this game sitting at home in front of a computer. It does not need to think much, just play and the winnings themselves. Employees in the game of keno responsible and meet all stated deadlines.

    Mercy will forgive check my words playing))

  • DEADSHOT says:

    The lottery belongs to the category of snapshot. To understand the meaning of the game enough to play a couple of draws, but to understand that the lottery “KENO” gives a lot of money, draws 5. I really left with their money, that is not lost when the casino was given a decent amount to me. The fascination is that you can vary both the amount of the bet or combination of bets! ✓
    And suddenly you’re lucky! In any case, before you judge about something, you should carefully check everything and explore! ψ

  • Ricky Golendo says:

    Keno is an instant lottery. Thanks to Casino Avenue for the such option to try my luck. Chose the numbers and win. But where this numbers being getting? Unclear. If you watching lottery like Keno on TV you see at least that someone’s hands get the numbers. Here computer is performing this function. Computer accepts rates and computer make selection of numbers. Is it possible make the really cash here. I am not sure. Of course telling the truth I know the players of Casino Avenue who won gambling with Keno. But there is not huge amount of money.

  • Lala33nana says:

    Are there any who did not play keno? I don’t think so. From early age, this game is familiar 4 me. My friend advised 2 have an account. Honestly, I reacted with distrust. Keno … Online… What? However, very good. I made a small deposit to get started, I got a bonus. We play together with friend on weekends. Sometimes we argue, we bet. In general, an exciting activity.

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