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Today, slot machines are the number one gaming destination for both seasoned and new casino players across the globe. Their vast domination on all corners of the world is evident by the fact that these gaming machines have a different name in various places you visit. For instance, once you set foot in Great Britain the term ‘slots machines,’ popularly used in America and Canada alike, ceases to exist. The British know these games as fruit machines. And that’s not all, folks down in Australia and New Zealand refer to these gaming machines as pokies, or if you would like to be a bit more formal, poker machine would do the trick.

Why have these games taken the online gambling by storm? For starters, they offer an alluring presence that is due to invoking an itch to play them all day long, every day! It is, therefore, no wonder that a large percentage of casino players have taken it upon themselves to unmask the history of these games in a bid to come up with a working gaming strategy. However, will going through the games’ history help you beat the gaming odds? Sit tight to find out.

The Journey to Fame – History of Slot Machines Uncovered

Slot machines can trace their origin way back in the 19th century, thanks to an individual that is probably not known to many, Charles August Fey. With an undying passion for everything involving the intricate mechanics, Charles conceptualized the whole idea of slots machines by inventing the Liberty Bell. Featuring 3 reels, 5 symbols and a special feature of automatically awarding payouts based on the alignment of the symbols on the reels, the Liberty Bell took the masses by storm. The machine’s unique feature set Fey’s invention apart from other prototypes helping it to spearhead the slot epidemic. Therefore, if you were wondering why most articles sideline Sittman and Pitt’s classical slot invention, there goes your answer.

Now that the birth of these games is clear, the rest is history for after the Liberty Bell, various gaming companies took it upon themselves to invent new and better versions, For instance, in 1963, Bally designed the first electric version. Fortune Coin Co, quickly followed suit in 1976 by creating the first-ever video slot game. Nonetheless, as much as Charles Fey was the original founder of these games, we have to give it up to the subsequent gaming developers. This is because, through their consequent inventions, slot machines are adorned with the numerous and thrilling bonus features we see today.

Enticing Slot Gaming Features

If you happen to spin a few reels at a classical gaming machine, you will not fail to realize that the bonus features are limited. This can be quite appealing to players who enjoy cool and less complex slot titles. On the other hand, it can be very frustrating to gamers that enjoy all the possibilities that come along with bonus features. Since video slots harbor the majority of bonus games in this gaming variety, we will use them as the referral point when discussing the many mini-games and features to expect in most slot machines.

Discover what the scatter symbols have in store for you

For starters, the scatter icon can award a payout each time one or more of them appear on any position of the reels. This means the scatter is not limited to win lines, a fact that can come quite handy when aiming for huge payouts. Second, this icon can act as a multiplier each time it forms part of a winning combination. Last and definitely not least, it can trigger exciting mini-games, which we will discuss in detail later in this review. To find out the role a scatter is playing a particular game; simply go through the pay table.

Wild Symbol – Guaranteed to help you Win!

The traditional role of the wild does a pretty neat job in increasing your winning opportunities. Why? The wild can stand in for any icon on the reels except for the scatter or bonus symbols. Moreover, it can come with a tasty multiplier that increases your original stake each time you land on three or more on an active payline. In a bid to make video slots exhilarating, some gaming software developers have included various types of wilds including:

  • Expanding Wilds – deemed one of the most profitable symbols, the expanded wild icon can accommodate an entire reel every time it appears.
  • Random wilds can appear on the reels at any time and at any position of the reels. Talk of random; this wild variation knows how to keep you entertained.

Reap tasty rewards from the Thrilling Mini-Games

As the technological train keeps advancing forward, so does the bonus rounds present in slots machines keep getting complex. Some find this unnecessary, but the majority of players are for the notion that more bonus rounds make these games exciting. Truth be told, it all lies in one’s personal tastes and preferences, but we cannot help but say that bonus rounds add more fun and cash to your wallet. This is because; they tend to pay out more than the base game. Take a break from the core gaming theme and dive into one of the following bonus rounds.

The Free Spins Bonanza – get a load of tasty free spins by either landing three or more scatters or bonus symbols. This can be quite appealing even to the slot no enthusiasts for who can frown on a freebie? It does not stop there, on the contrary, this mini-game can come with multipliers, extra wilds, and re-spins. Therefore, hitting the highest payout with the free spins is downright possible.

The sound of collapsing reels can be very alarming especially to a newbie in the gaming sector. No need to fret, collapsing reels are more of a blessing than a curse when it comes to slot machines for they give you a chance to land more wins after hitting a winning combination. In games featuring this bonus feature, land a win and watch your winning icons tumble down the reels as new ones settle in their place.

Keeping a keen eye on all the bonus features a gaming title has to offer is a great place to start especially if you are out to beat the odds present in a slot machine game. However, taking advantage of these offers is not enough. Try out the slot machines free before attempting to stake real cash to increase your chances of reaping the largest payout a game has to offer.

Spin a Few Reels without Spending a Dime!

Thanks to the large milestone technology has taken, you can now try out a gaming title free. That’s right, unlike the era when slots machines were limited to brick and mortar casino floors, today the online platform has enabled players to have a taste of a slot title without putting a dent on their bankroll. This comes quite handy in perfecting your gaming expertise. Therefore, if you have never played a game before, do not be quick to stake real cash on that machine. Instead, play the demo version of the game and only play for real money when your gaming skills are spot on.

To play, simply select the number of paylines, coins and coin denominations you want to play with then proceed to click on the spin button. Since you are playing free casino slots, you will stake virtual cash provided by the website you are playing at. Some titles offer the auto play feature. Therefore, if you don’t mind speeding up your gameplay, settle for this option and watch the reels spin continuously until you hit the stop button, land on a mini-game or run out of virtual cash.

Types of Free Slot Machines You Can Play Today

If you are aiming to exude the best online slot gaming experience, getting in touch with the various types of slot machines available is a very critical step. You do not want to hit a standstill when trying to figure out which game to play. To avoid getting lost in all the slot titles available in the web, let us look at the types of free online slots machines you will definitely bump into.

  • Classic Slots – Get more entertainment from the simple yet classical feel that is abundant in all classic gaming machines. Featuring basic symbols and a few number of reels, this gaming variety is best suited to players that are seeking a cool and calming ambience in a free slot machine.
  • Video Slots – Out for a more thrilling casino session, spin a few reels at video slots – gaming machines that are guaranteed to immerse you into the fantasy world of a game. All this is possible due to the rich graphics, clear-cut animations, interesting themes and multiple bet features prominent in these game titles.
  • 3D Slots – Watch as any theme comes to life through the cinematic gestures of the 3D graphics. Whether it is romance, adventure or action, play 3D slots to experience all these genres first hand.

It is quite evident that slots machines are a captivating gaming variety. Despite the fact that there is no known strategy to beat the odds of these gaming titles, comprehending the gaming rules and playing free can come a long way in catapulting your wins. That said, settle for the game that properly speaks to you and start spinning today!

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