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You are in a mood of playing casino games, and you have to spend a lot of time on downloads and installations to play the games. Isn’t it irritating? I believe the time should be devoted to choosing what game to play rather than downloading unwanted things.
Thanks to the latest internet and processor speeds, it is possible to play games with the same effect without downloading anything. You can see all the statistics like score, coins, bonuses, the playing button and can also hear the sounds without downloading any software. Moreover, playing online also solves the issue of compatibility with the operating system.

Why Is It Preferable?

There are reasons why people prefer to play online rather than downloading game related software:

  1. Playing no download slots are popular among people who play on 3G phones, tablets or systems with older operating systems. It is because these older machines have limited memory space. Playing download versions require an enormous amount of memory on the computers. Thus installing software for casino games means sacrificing the limited disk space for a game which is nob-acceptable for a lot of people. And virtual space and cache are a lot wider than the disk space. For most of the people, it is just a passing phase, and they don’t prefer to download software for a temporary liking.
  2. No download video slots are very light on graphics and do not require you to have any graphic card on your computer. But if you are playing the casino game with a live dealer, then things change. Most casino games require no extra hardware, but when it comes to live video streaming, it is a different story.
  3. Most people have a busy schedule these days and finding time to play games is becoming all the more difficult. So they prefer playing the no download versions during the break-times and slow hours. Thus playing games on office computers have their own restrictions when it comes to downloading gaming software. Most office terminals have limited drive storage and restricted download settings. Thus, this is the best option.
  4. No download slots do not create unnecessary icons on your screen. The only thing you need is a good internet speed, and a flash or Java enabled browser. The casino websites have plug-ins for the browsers for your playing comfort.

Playing for Free

Most of the times, online casinos give options of free play no download slots to non-registered users. Moreover, players who belong to no-gambling regions also have no other option than to play these slot machines. Sometimes new players also prefer to check out the game first and then play seriously if they like them. For such players also, free play slots are perfect.
There are different requirements of different websites too. Certain websites allow free play only to registered users while some websites allow for a definite trial period or a definite amount of welcome bonus. Once this amount gets exhausted, you cannot play the free slots.
No download slot machines are not available in mobile applications. They are available only on websites or social networks. They can also be shared on social media as free-to-play slots.

Playing with Real Money

Real Money No Download Slots have the lowest deposit money as compared to any other casino games. But ironically, these slots could have the highest jackpots, especially in the casinos that support progressive slots. The gaming websites have a virtual notice board where the names of the newest winners are displayed alongside the amounts won. These names keep changing every now and then. All the players playing with real money are put in the same pot. It does not matter whether they are playing the download slot or the no download casino.

Playing the no download slots with real money has a dialogue box with online cashier, and all the bets are transferred in real time. You can start playing only after you have deposited the minimum deposit amount. Credit cards and online money transfer methods are used to place the bets or to cash out. Traditional methods like writing checks or wire transfers can also be used sometimes. Shortlisting and choosing some no download slots to play in the long run is preferable because you can continue playing and betting with the accumulated bonus and loyalty points.

Why Does the Browser Need Flash or Java?

  • The fabulous graphics you see on your screen while playing the no download slots are because of the latest Java programming or Flash media. Technically, these slot machines are not possible without any of these. These games have video slots embedded, and thus your browser needs flash media templates or Java to play the videos.
  • Java and Flash both have enriched the internet experience on majority websites but technically and fundamentally both are vastly different. Playing the Java-based slots is a unique experience because the Java based slots are original developments. On the other hand, Flash-based slots are often the work-in-progress for a template. Thus, they also seem very similar to the affiliate casino sites. Also, Java applets use the computer resources quite better and reduce the hang time considerably.
  • If we look at the technical angle, Java is a product by Sun Microsystems whereas Flash is an Adobe product. Both these companies are extremely successful when it comes to website applications. Both Flash and Java are compatible with standard browsers. Every operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPad can support the no download slots on their browsers. Until recently, it was true for Android as well. But recently Flash media was dropped for HTML5 feature.
  • Actually, HTML is a very efficient language when it comes to playing games and videos as compared to Flash. It uses the computer resources better. But most of the casino websites have not upgraded to HTML5. This fact has frustrated the players a lot all around the world. But an intermediary solution has been found in the way of third party software that allows the players to resume the Flash usage on their browsers.

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