New online slots are regularly launched as have become the norm of our time. Back when slots were played offline, the process was complicated. There was a lot of expenses of both time and money involved to bring out a newer slot. Times have changed rapidly and very uniquely. Online slots are easy to manufacture, and so developers are in a tussle to outdo each other. The result has been an acute proliferation of new casino games all over the internet. Players are spoilt for choice. Moreover, each new version brings some new feature to the table for the clients to try out. Our article comes to explain and expound on the concept of new slots. We look at the new offers they bring, sections they change and a few notable mentions for you to try.

Latest Features

Since each following game has to be better than the previous, some features have been added. The following are the latest slot machine features making their stage appearance for the first time:

Stacked Wilds

The wild symbol has always been an opportunity to uncover amazing cash outs. In almost every slot, the wild is presented with capabilities above the other icons. It usually can outsmart others and conquer their positions on the reels. Through that, the client gets better win chances. The stacked wild is an even better chance to the favor of the player. When it appears, it takes over the entire reel and fills it completely. Depending on the slot you are playing and its terms and conditions, the stacked icon may be restricted to specific reels. In other cases, it is given all the freedom to pop up on any reel.

Multiple Grids

The standard slot machine has always featured a single grid. The design employed will vary from one to another. Sometimes you may come across a five by three design. Other times you find a five by four configuration. All the same, it is usually just one grid available to play. Advancement in technology is changing all that. Newer slots now come with multiple grids accessible to the gamer. That is an amazing technological inclusion that gives the client better game play and entertainment.

Multi-way Wins

Traditionally, spin slots employed the tactic of a single pay line. What that meant was only the middle straight line of symbols was allowed to give pay outs. Modern slots introduced more lines and consequently more winning chances. The player could select as many lines as they wished which brought in the fact that you had to pay more. Pay ways could be configured in any manner; straight, diagonals or even zig zag patterns. The best of them all is the 243 ways to win option. It takes into consideration every possible line you can make on the reels.


Thanks to the fact that developers are always looking for ways to impress the customer. That is the whole essence of the mini games. Of course, it comes together with the need to give the client superb cash outs. These bonus games have the following advantages:

  • They improve the gaming experience. Spending the entire time on the base game could be monotonous. So, extra games give some time off the regular and provide some on the side shows.
  • They add to winning chances. The client can expect a big win in bonus games just as much as in the base game.

Save Function

Sometimes, you may want to cut short your gambling expedition for very many legitimate reasons. Just like in the video games, it would not make sense that when you come back, you have to start from the beginning. That just makes the entire experience annoying. Moreover, since new slots feature story lines, nobody wants to keep restarting. There is so much fun in following the story to its ultimate conclusion than leaving it midway. That is now available through the save functionality of new slots. When you leave, you can save your progress so that on your return you continue from where you left. Can it get better than that? Of course, we expect better with new online slot machines every passing day.

Areas of Improvement

We have observed that companies have focused their efforts on some specific sections of the new slots in free play. These are the important ones that keep being updated to suit the users’ needs:

  • Game Design – Modern times require sleek modern looks. That is what lures the client and keeps them playing. Without it, a slot is as good as dead and buried. That is why we have seen such incredible twists and turns on game layouts. Changes in layouts have been evident, and they serve to show the transition from one technological era to another. Graphics designers are ever on the run to make the games adaptable to the latest displays. Animations and three-dimensional characteristics are other areas we have seen the most change being done.
  • Security – Internet gurus have turned to become cyber criminals. In the recent past, the attempts on snatching away money and ruining businesses have been on a steady rise. Online industries have become more alert and so have online casinos. Thus, each new comer slot must feature the latest and best security frameworks. We can confidently say, that is one of the things we always look forward to when we hear of a new game being launched. Apparently, in this matter, developers will have to stay on their toes. There is no rest for them.

New Releases

After saying all the above, it is about time we get you started. We have compiled a list of the newest online slots. These slots are still young and fresh looking. Be among the first people to have a go at them.

  • Fire and steel
  • Monopoly brings the house down
  • God of lighting
  • Rainbow Ryan
  • Mystery 7s

We hope our article is informative and beneficial. Be outgoing and explore the above mentions. You can select the play for free option too. Enjoy the taste of new technologies and be entertained to never-before-seen game features.

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