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How Online Slots Work

The days when slot machines work with gears and cogs are behind: Everything is now digital. When you press the “spin” button in a slot game, you can see that the reels start spinning. But this is just a visual effect: In reality, an RNG (random number generator) software starts to work in the background and generates random numbers. Every symbol in the slot game has a numerical counterpart. If they match the figures generated by the RNG, you will score a winning. Let’s give an example:

  • The wild symbol’s number is 777, and the most valuable symbol’s number is 8888.
  • RNG software randomly generated the following numbers: 55555, 66, 777, 8888, 99.
  • If the numbers of wild and the precious symbol are among them, they will appear on the screen.

This is a fairly simple explanation, but enough to get an idea. As you know, you have to place the same symbols on a pay line to win in slot machines. Usually, you only need to place 3 symbols. The prize you get is determined by the number of symbols you place. In other words, the more symbols you place, the more you earn. Some of these symbols are special: They start a bonus round or allow you to win a jackpot prize. Each has a different probability of appearing on the screen: The numeric counterparts of the less paying symbols are bigger, that is, they appear more often. The special and precious symbols are low, so they are less frequent.

So, what do these pay lines look like? These are real lines that connect the two ends of the reels. You cannot see them on the screen, but you can be sure they are there. Take a look at this picture to get an idea:

It looks pretty complicated, right? There are a total of 30 payment lines in this picture. This number can be much higher. For example:

There are 100 lines in this picture. Moreover, even this is actually a low figure, you can even find games with a pay line count of 1,024. As you can see, these lines are not straight and draw different geometric shapes. If you place the same symbols on any of them, you are entitled to a reward. The prize you are entitled to will be determined by the number of symbols and their payout values. It’s important to understand what pay lines are, because many players still think that it’s necessary to place symbols side by side. However, this applies only to classic fruit machines, which have only one line. If we will explain it with a visual:

This visual is taken from a classic fruit slot game and as you can see there is only one pay line. Old and classic slot machines worked this way, but today’s video slot games use a lot more lines. In other words, symbols do not need to be placed next to each other. Even if they are in different places, you still get a prize if you placed them a line.

Contrary to popular belief, not only online but also continental casinos use this system. So the cabinets in a physical casino are actually connected to a computer system and work in the same way as online slot games. The only difference is that they are not connected to the internet and their servers are closed for outside connections. The card and board games at the online casinos also work with an RNG system. In other words, a computer software decides whether you have won or not if you are playing at an online casino.

How to Play Online Slots?

First, watch the video below. This will ensure that you have an idea of how a video slot machine works:

The name of this game is Luck Lady Charm Deluxe. Remember the above explanations while watching the video. The symbols seem to place randomly on the screen, but they are all on a line. Different symbols distribute prizes in different amounts. You can even see that the player who has succeeded in placing a special symbol set towards the end of the video earns 1,600 times of her bet.
Now, take a look at this video:

The name of this game is Double Diamonds and it belongs to the category known as “fruit slots”. These games are actually different from each other, because while the first one has a large number of paylines, the other has only one. However, the interface of both is about the same. Whatever type it is, if you are playing a slot machine, you will use these buttons:

  • Spin/start: Press this to start the game.
  • Auto: Use this to spin the reels automatically. It is usually limited to 100 automatic spins.
  • Paytable: One of the most important buttons. Paytable shows the rules of the game, the RTP value, and the payouts of the symbols. Even if you are an experienced player, carefully examine the paytable screen before you start playing. Pay particular attention to the RTP rate: This rate shows how much you will lose in the long run. Choose games that have a rate of 95% or more. You can even find games that have a 98-99% rating. If a game has an RTP rate of 98%, it means you will regain $ 98 of every $ 100 you invest.
  • Bet / Max Bet / Coin Size: This button is used to determine the bet amount. The minimum and maximum bet amounts vary for each game. Betting amounts may also affect the payout table in certain slots. For example, progressive jackpot machines require you to play with the maximum bet amount to activate the big prize. Examine the paytable screen in advance to see if the prize amount changes according to the bets. As a general rule, prefer machines that use a fixed pay table.
  • Line: The number of lines in some slots is fixed and cannot be changed. But in some games, it is possible to change the number of them. By changing the number of lines you affect both the amount of the bet and your chances of winning. See below for details on this topic.
  • Collect: When a bonus round starts, for example, free spins, the reels will automatically return. At the end of the round, you get a collective win. If you want to transfer this income to your account, press the collect button. Or you can increase your winnings by playing another bonus round, usually known as “gamble”.

As you can see, playing in slot machines is quite easy and does not require any experience. For the same reason, there is no difference between a professional gambler and an amateur player. The chances of winning are always the same and never change.

How Many Pay Lines You Want to Bet

This is actually a difficult decision to make. The number of pay lines affects both your chances of winning and the amount of bets. As you can imagine, the more lines you have, the higher your chances of winning. Because the possibility of generating symbol combinations will be much higher. In other words, for example, you have a very high odds of winning in a 1.024 lined game. However, the increase in the number of lines also causes the bet amount to increase. Because contrary to what you think, you are placing the bets per line, not per spin. Let’s give an example:

Let’s think you are playing a 40-line game. The minimum bet amount is 0.10 coins. However, if you play using all the lines, you will spend a lot more coins every spin. Because 0.10 is the minimum amount for each line. Therefore, the actual minimum bet amount is 4 coins (0.10 X 40 = 4).

Pay attention to this separation. The “minimum” button on the interface can be deceptive. That’s why you need to pay attention to what the total bet amount is. Otherwise, you can consume your budget very quickly. Let’s go back to the example above: If this game had a line count of 1.024, the minimum total bet amount would be 102.40 coins.

If the amount of rewards you can earn is higher than your investment, we recommend you to choose multi-line games. Because there is a high probability of making a profit in the long run. However, if you have a limited budget, or if you want your game time to be longer, choose slots with fewer lines. They will pay less, but you will lose less too. This is a personal decision based on your likings and your budget: The choice is yours.

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