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Slots are played using different denominations. There are slots that can be played with as little as a penny per slot, while others take a nickel as their minimum denomination of play. There are, however, casinos that take up dollars as their minimum denomination per line. Slots that allow for huge denominations for betting are considered high roller slots. Now, high limit stakes are a relative term. There are people that would consider playing using $50 per spin as a high limit. Others, the $50 is pocket change, and they would not consider this high rolling. To better understand the whole concept of high rolling we will look at what is known as the Gulp Limit.

Gulp Limit

The gulp limit is defined as the amount of money that will leave a player feeling a pinch if they would lose it during a gamble. Truth is, when gambling, putting in amounts that would leave you feeling sad if you lost, or feel exhilarated when you win are what make gambling exciting. For example, if a player has, say $1,500,000 in the account and loses $100 in a gamble, this would neither leave them satisfied nor hurt. Losing $100 for someone whose account contains $1500 would be hurtful. Gaining $100 would be such a thrill for them too.

With this illustration, it is elaborate that there are players that would appreciate slots that would let them spend more than the average player would like to spend. These rollers are the reason there are high limit slots. These are slots that take up amounts that are higher than $100 per spin. With an average of 600 spins per hour, if each spin costs $100, then the player will spend about $60,000 per hour.

Why Choose High Limit Slots

There are advantages of playing on these slots. They include:

  • The excitement that a player gets from playing higher limit games. The main reason for gambling is to entertain yourself. Part of the entertainment comes from the adrenaline rush you get from possibly losing a substantial chunk of money. If you use a little of your payroll, you may end up bored with the game. Losing an amount that will leave you with a bit of hurt makes gambling worthwhile.
  • Playing with huge stakes gives you access to the biggest prizes available without having to try for the elusive progressive jackpot. The more stake you put up, the higher your returns.
  • Higher stakes give you access to the loyalty programs and VIP programs which will get you better treatment from the customer support desk, faster payouts in some casinos, and better bonuses in some scenarios.
  • The higher your stake at the casino, the higher the payback percentage.

Payback Percentage

Generally, all machines usually come programmed with a specific payout. Most payouts vary with the lowest set at 75%. The payback percentage is the amount the machine will pay back in winning. You will not fully savor the concept of a payback percentage unless you play on the machine often because the percentage is felt, long term. This means that the more you play, the more you will feel the amount you earn back getting close to the amount you have spent. The higher the payback percentage, the higher the payout. In order to get players to spend more, a casino will set a higher percentage payout for a high roller than that of a mid limit player and those playing using the least amount possible.

An example would be when you play say 600 spins in an hour. If the payout percentage is 85% for regular denominations and you play at $50 per spin, you will have spent $30,000 in an hour. The amount you will take home will be $25,500. If the percentage payout is set at 95% for players who spend $100 per spin, then the payout will be $57,000 of $60,000.

When you play with higher amounts at a casino, the casino will make more. That is why they can comfortably increase the payout percentage for high rollers because they get to spend more at the casino which makes more money for a casino.

How Do You Determine whether a Slot Is a High Stake

There are three factors that help determine whether a slot is a high-limit slot or not. These factors include:

  • Denomination – The minimum amount that a casino accepts as stake goes a long way into defining it as either a high limit slot or not. A casino that takes a minimum of sat $5 per line could be considered a high roller as compared to one that accepts 20p per line. But the denomination on its own does not give a conclusive definition.
  • Number of paylines – Slots come with a varying number of paylines. Some slots have fixed paylines but other let you decide on the number of paylines to play. If a slot has 20 paylines, and you decide to play $5 on all paylines, you will end up spending $100 per spin on this slot. This already ranks the slot as a high roller slot. But that isn’t all.
  • Number of coins per payline – While the $5 is the minimum amount you can play per line, it may not be the most amount that can be placed as a bet on the line. There are provisions of playing more coins per line. If your slot allows you to play say 5 coins per line, and each coin is $5 on 20 paylines, you will be playing with $500 per spins. This slot will qualify as a high roller.

High Limit Slots

  • Secrets of the Amazon
  • A Day at The Derby
  • Goddess of Life

High limit slots take higher stakes per spin and have higher returns. The payout percentage for these games is also high. With different people having different needs, it was imperative that the slots are made to cater to the needs of every potential player. It is important that you watch out the amount you spend so as not to go over your bankroll and remain in debt.

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