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Since the introduction of slots, they have taken the gaming world by storm. The excitement offered by the spinning of the reels offers players an adrenaline rush that can be termed as second to none in casinos.

Slot machine games are exciting for the casinos and players alike. However, they are even more exciting for cheaters. It is no secret that most players look for a way to make the biggest winnings from casinos using slots. However, slots happen to be a negative expectation game. This essentially means that the chances of a player losing their money are higher than the chance of walking away as a winner. It is not a bias on the casinos’ side; it’s just how the games work. However, the odds essentially end up being in their favor in the long run, even if a big win is hit.

However, slot machine cheats work to bend these rules of gameplay. They use certain tricks and twists to turn the odds in their favor.

Real Slot Machine Cheats Strategies

When browsing online, most sites will present you with options on how to tweak betting habits and going for certain formulas to come out a winner. However, these tips only work to save your money or maximize on your betting budget. They do not tell how to make winnings consistently. Below is a review of strategies real slot machine cheats use to gain the advantage over the house.

Cheat codes

This cheating strategy can be used by both land based and online slot machine cheats. In the development of slot machine games, everything is operated with the use of codes. These codes are created in a way that they ensure the generation of numbers is random so that all players have a chance at winning. These codes are also regularly vetted by various gambling commissions to ensure their fairness.

However, some people may work out a way to change the codes to work in their favor. One famous example is Ronald Dale Harris who worked with The Nevada Gaming Commission as an engineer. The odds worked in his favor for a while. His luck, however, ran out in 1998 when his accomplice won one hundred thousand dollars at a keno game.

Glitches ins software

The occurrence of software glitches is quite popular in both land based and online casinos. However, it is not always just a glitch in software in some cases. Cheaters online spend few wagers on the slots to cause such incidences to make big pay outs from casinos. All they have to do is input a specific pattern of wagers in certain games. These patterns end up confusing the system into activating big winnings.

This habit has resulted in most players not being handed large winnings, especially jackpots, due to the method being so widely used by slot machine cheaters. Even if the players who win happen to sue the casinos for not paying their winnings, the casinos have ended up winning the cases due to similar past occurrences with cheats.

Shaved pennies

This is by far the most widespread cheating method on slots that is used by cheaters for the win. It only applies to brick and mortar casinos since actual coins have to be used for it to work. Due to technological advancements in the casino industry, slots that used light sensors to recognize the denomination of coins sent down the slot were introduced. Additionally, the physical comparator was kept separate from the sensor.

It was no surprise that slot machine cheats took advantage of this advancement. All one has to do is put a shaved penny down the coin slot with an item that matches the size and shape of a certain denomination. Once this is done, the light sensor will let it pass as the shaved penny is sent back out. The machine will then proceed to activate the gameplay with the simulated denomination.

The Yo-Yo trick

These technique has been used by most slot machine cheaters to get around paying to activate the slots games. The player sends down a coin through the slot with a string attached to it. Once the optic sensor reads the denomination and triggers the gameplay, the player then pulls the string brings the coin back up with it.

However, this cheat only worked with classic slots. The advancement in technology has made it impossible to pull the coins inputted back up once the game has started.

Fake coins

Since nearly all products on the market have counterfeits, it comes as no surprise that fake pennies would be created for use in casinos for real slot machine cheats. Fake coins also work the same way as shaved ones: to fool the coin sensor into accepting the penny and triggering the game.

This clever technique was invented by Louis Colavencchio. He used this strategy to give many brick and mortar casinos a run for their money until they caught up with him in 1998. He served a jail term of eight years for his crimes. However, even after his release, he quickly went back to duping casinos using the same strategy. His luck ran out only a few months later when he was arrested and sent back to prison.

The Wand

Just like a magician’s wand works to produce items out of thin air, this light wand is also used by slot machine cheats and cheaters to make big winnings out of nothing. The player places the device between the optical sensor and the denomination fed into the machine. Since it could not read the amount put into the slot, it has no way of calculating the payout. Therefore, one can make small deposits that in turn result in huge winnings.

The biggest advantage of being a cheater on a slot machine is the chance at massive payouts without having to pay anything. On the downside, cheating in casinos is a huge felony that could see on serving a long jail term, as some of the biggest slot machine cheats in the gambling arena could testify.

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