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There are many online slots offered in casinos in the United Kingdom. The new gamblers may find it difficult to select the slot to play, but the seasoned gamblers know exactly what they want. The slot machine is a favorite game for many players all over the world. Despite the rising trend of players preferring the skill-based games and leaving the luck based games, players still flock the land and online casinos to enjoy the favorite slots.

There are different types of slot machines. The classic three reeled slot machine is the older version which is simple and has few special features for players. Most of the modern slots are five reeled slots with multiple bet lines. Even though many players prefer the modern slots, there are enthusiasts who still value the classical feeling of gambling. Most casinos offer both variants of the game in order to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Slots are not known to award big lucrative winnings, but you can walk away with a decent amount of cash from these games. There are various jackpots and bonus rounds that can lead to extraordinary wins. If you want the biggest wins, there are progressive slot machines with massive jackpots. These wins are pretty elusive, but they can be life-changing if you garner them.

How to Select the Best Online Slots

There are many game titles hence choosing the best online slot machine for you can be a toll order. There are three reeled slots and five reeled slots:

  • The three reeled slot machines are classical therefore they are very simple and straightforward in terms of the user interface, the graphics, and the overall gameplay. Players who prefer simplicity will definitely enjoy these games. However, they have few bonuses hence award small wins.
  • The five reeled slot machines, on the other hand, are modern; hence they have fascinating graphics and an intriguing game play. They are best suited for thrill loving punters. Most of these slots are redefining the fact that slots are totally luck based. They are more elaborate and require a little bit of skill to excel. They offer medium range to high wins because of their numerous bonus features. However, they are complicated hence unsuitable for beginners or traditional players who prefer simplicity and not thrill.

There are various slot titles with different themes, graphics, and sounds. The best slot machine for you depends on what you love. There are people who love art, others love Greek mythology, others love the Egyptian history, other gamblers value the Irish heritage, and some love the current movie titles such as Terminator and Tomb Raider.

There is Davinci Diamonds for art lovers, Zeus for lovers of the Greek mythology, Cleopatra for lovers of the Egyptian history, and Rainbow Riches for people who love the Irish heritage. These are not the only slots that are based on these themes; there are many others for a player to choose from. Hence, slots enable players to play the games that are aligned with their passions. The best slots for you should be able to arouse certain emotions and a feeling of wellness as you play.

Also, you should play the games that have been created by renowned developers in the gambling industry. Luckily, most reputable casinos only offer games provided by the best developers because they are assured of high-quality and fairness. Some of the best software developers include Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and IGT.

Return to Player and Variance

The return to player percentage is another important consideration when choosing the best slot machines. The RTP gives a rough estimate of how gaming machine is generous. For instance, a return to player percentage of 95% means that the house retains 5% of the total amount wagered by players. The slot machines with high RTP are more generous compared to the ones with low. This can also be referred to as the house edge.

The variance is also a consideration to make when choosing a slot to play. There are high, middle and low variance slot machines. The high variance slots award wins rarely, but when they do, they wins are massive whereas the low variance slots award low amounts of cash frequently. The medium variance portray a mean of the two. You should play the slot that suits the amount of money you are willing to play with.

Where to Play Slots

You should play on the renowned and trusted slot machines especially when playing real money games. Reputable casinos have good odds and a 100% assurance of getting your fair wins. There are dubious casinos cropping up which can easily con you of your hard earned money. Before you make a deposit on a casino, you must ensure that it is renowned.

The best way of knowing about an online casino is by reading the reviews written about game by reviewers and previous or existing clients. Certain elements such as the RTP are normally availed by reviewers and not the site itself. Hence you should take some time and read the reviews before playing real money.

Free Money Slot Games

It is important to play the free money slots before proceeding to play real money. This enables you to understand the game plays, the symbols, the bonuses, and features and perhaps learn a few winning strategies if they exist. You should use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with these games. No amount of reading can enable you to understand these games better than actually playing them.

Bonuses and Promotions

There are various deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses as well as free spins that are given by casinos to lure clients. You should take advantage of them and earn real money from them. The only way to do this is by reading and understanding the terms and conditions. Also, ensure that it is a cashable bonus because these are the only ones that can lead to real money winnings.
The best slot machines are exciting, entertaining and highly rewarding. You should always select the best slots and play at the best casinos in order to have a worthwhile gambling experience.

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