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There is one thing for sure when it comes to online casino games: they are plenty! There are literally hundreds of thousands of casino games out there and they each offer another adventure. Technically, they are determined as “gambling games which the player bet on a possible outcome or combinations of outcomes”, but we know the true definition: they are fun! They are also profitable, if you are lucky enough (or know what you are doing). Casino games are tailored for different preferences and it is important to find the one you like to have a good time. Let’s take a closer look at the list of casino games and try to find the best game for you, shall we?


Our free online casino games

Online Slot Games: This is probably the biggest category of them all – almost each company out there develops online slot games. They are also known as electronic gaming software and work on a simple principle: find the matching symbols on a pay line. Basically, when you click on the “spin” button, three or more reels will start to spin. Each reel has some symbols on it, and the goal is to form a pattern of symbols when the reels stop. This is called a pay line – if you manage to land the same symbols on a pay line, you get paid according to the paytable. You can win millions of dollars with a single spin, especially if you pick the right game (hint: progressive jackpots). Online slot machines are the most popular gambling method amongst the online casino websites, and constitute around 80 percent of the casino’s income. There are hundreds of themes to choose from, and the graphical quality of these games are quite high – some of them can compete with full 3D computer games. They all come with a demo version (known also as the free casino slot games) for you to try before risking real money.

Video Poker Games: Casino card game category is a big one, and video poker games is an important part of it. In general, all poker games with a virtual interface belongs to this category. But nowadays, only the most basic (and simple looking) poker games are considered as video poker. These are five card draw poker games, which you try to form a legal poker hand and get paid accordingly. Each round, you get five cards and pick the ones you want to hold and discard. The next dealing is the last one; if you manage to form a poker hand at this point, you win the round.

Roulette Games: Belongs to the casino table games category. You know what roulette is - a big wheel with red and black numbers. If the wheel has only one “0”, it is the European roulette. If there is a “00” section, you are playing the American version, which we recommend you don’t. You can bet on a single number, a range of numbers, colors and whether the outcome will be odd or even in roulette games.

Blackjack games: Blackjack is probably the most “coolest” game in online casinos, as can be seen in Hollywood movies! Your goal is to get a total of 21 or a total higher than the dealer. At each round, you get two cards and can ask for more (hit), no more cards (stand) and split & double your wager. The most interesting feature of blackjack games is that you can win every game, in theory. You just need to be a mathematical genius and count all cards in a set of eight decks – beyond the possibilities of the human mind. But still, you can increase your odds of winnings by following some simple tactics in blackjack games. Baccarat games also belong to this category, because the goal of baccarat is to reach a total of 9, like 21 in blackjack games.

Scratch Card Games: Known also as the “instant lottery” games. The goal is simple – scratch the card and find three matching symbols. The version in online casinos is basically the same, but there are hundreds of themes to choose from and you can scratch the card all at once, automatically. Low cost, easy to play and can award very satisfying prizes – scratch cards are fun.

Also we can suggest you to play online keno and online sic bo.

Play free casino games - no deposit or download required

As we mentioned above, you can play all of these games for free – if you choose the right website of course. Free online casino games are perfect for practice and casual gaming; they offer hours of entertainment and ask for nothing in return! TopUKCasinos is proud to offer you the best free casino games available, we hand-picked all of our games for your satisfaction. No download is needed, we don’t ask for your personal info and offer you hours of free entertainment with each of our games. Browse through our collection and start playing casino games of all varieties – we guarantee that it is that simple. When you think it is time to move on to the real money casino games, check out our online casino reviews section; we reviewed hundreds of online casinos and picked only the best ones for you.


  • It’s good to be a critic of the casino.
    My opinion about this casino and the cooperation with him was positive.+ Starting with the title FREE casino GAME shows his best side. The collection of free games as impressive, the creators are not stingy….—Is not always want to risk it, and just want to play for free. Anytime I can go to the website and play. Won a couple of times in Free Casino Games is of 4 times. Basically I prefer free games as they are here!!!!!!!

  • Free games already the soul of gray especially when you have a favorite game.
    Here I play without risking your money and nerves, but just enjoy the game.
    Such casino instantly likable. If you have the opportunity to play for free, then I will register in this casino.
    The availability of free games I approve and register an account for positive emotions and winnings, as such, not terribly important to me.
    With the help of free games you can try out a new strategy. In other words, if I don’t smile, I still can’t lose.)))

  • My first impression of this casino was not very good. Since earlier I had already come across a different divorce, where I was only squeezed out of money. Well, I decided to try, so to say, try your luck. Iii … here they are, my first money, which I later withdrew. I decided not to play for a long time, because I’m a gambler, well, what can I do? Threw 100 dollars, and withdrew 218. Then the next day 100, earned 322. Joy there was no limit. Money withdraw quickly, no delays on the part of the casino was not. In general, I continue to earn so much, I do not want to work))) What makes me very happy. The main thing is not to get excited, and you can earn!

  • What is the trick…? I know one thing there’s no catch, casino to try the opposite for a client, thus giving the opportunity to try their hand and identify with the choice of whether or not I should even play in this casino!!!!??
    It is very good for the casino… I respect casino with free games… And in your free game I play very often, you picked a good and interesting online games…
    In your selection of games I’m sure, thanks to YOU I don’t have to waste time searching games and immediately I go and play.

  • B_R_O_L_Y_K says:

    =- I’ll start with the fact that they are gamers in the form of light. ®
    =-So to start playing free games, check if it fits my game, so you do not waste time on output and investment is not playing favorite games.
    =-Doing it wisely. ®
    =-And with the help of your service and provide different free games I can choose the best online casino to taste.
    =-I can study in detail all the conditions of the casino.
    =-I would like to see the free games at any casino, a person must first ask the price and decide.
    =-Each person has the right to choose.®

  • Makalaao says:

    Before playing any games for money, I always play in a test mode without money! and I’m very glad that this function is present in almost all casinos, because it helps to save your own money and understand the specifics of the game if you are a novice!I always wanted to be a professional in the blackjack game and now I’m trying to play without money, but when I feel confident – beware )))truth speaking when you play in this mode, you do not feel the risk, there are no feelings when a lot of money is at stake … but…everything has its time!

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